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Revista Latina, Ohtli Award 2022

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Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Escritor colombiano (Chaguaní, 4/15 de julio de 1958), profesional en Ciencias Políticas y Administrativas (Administrador público), especializado en Administración de la Planeación Urbana y Regional y diplomado en: Docencia Universitaria, Educación Virtual, Educación a Distancia y Planeación Estratégica. Laboró con el Estado colombiano entre 1978 y 2015 y fue docente universitario de 1986 a 2012. Es autor de una saga de dieciséis novelas, dos en proceso y cuatro en perspectiva, dos compilaciones de narraciones románticas y más de sesenta relatos. Obras publicadas: La iluminada muerte de Marco Aurelio Mancipe , 2016, novela. Con derrotero incierto , 2017, novela. Enfermos del alma , 2018, novela. El frío del olvido , 2019, novela. Amé en silencio, y en silencio muero , 2017, compilación de narraciones románticas. Matarratón, 2021, novela. Es autor de cuentos y relatos que sube de manera periódica a redes y que publica en Revista Latina NC , en Escondite Literario Tropical y en su página wrenciso.com . Fundó y gestiona desde 2016 la iniciativa literaria: Una novela para cada escuela . Busca incentivar la lectura desde el aula de clase en lugares remotos y de difícil acceso a la literatura, tanto en su país como en otras partes del mundo.

“A soft and sweet tongue” *

On September 15, the Government of Mexico, through the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) and the Consulate of Mexico in Raleigh, NC, USA, awarded Revista Latina the 2022 Ohtli Award. The award ceremony was part of the civic event commemorating the 212th Anniversary of Mexico's Independence, held at Flower Field in Dix Park.

This award is awarded once a year by Mexican consulates and consists of an emblematic medallion, a silver rosette and a diploma.

Ohtli is a word from the pre-Columbian indigenous Nahuatl* people, members of the Aztecs or Mexica, who lived in the highlands of Mexico and Central America. According to its history and magical handwritten literature (in codices), this means “path” or “path” that someone opens and leaves the traces of their bare feet on it to guide others. It is a sign of good omen and timely and effective guidance so that those who follow those who dared first find their destination more easily, in addition to giving reason, meaning and confidence to the heartbeat that motivated them to embark on the journey to new horizons.

The essence and meaning of this ancestral word, which is increasingly valid and must be put into practice in contemporary society, especially in Mexican and Latin American society, embody the Ohtli Prize as the highest award for those who, during their pilgrimage around the world, have not hesitated or hesitated to mark their path with their fingerprints of their feet. This, so that the new generations of young Mexicans in search of an air of progress, opportunities or spaces to make or rebuild their lives, can follow them, find the trail that will best lead them to their expected destination.

Following the parameters of this beautiful philosophy of example, guidance and improvement, the Consul General of Mexico in the Carolinas, Claudia Velasco Osorio, gives this great recognition to Revista Latina. Behind this organization is a commendable entrepreneurial story by Edgar Bernal and Citlalitl Ceballos. A couple of Mexican professionals who, in order to initially highlight the names of Mexicans and Latin Americans in the two Carolinas, with an emphasis on their countrymen living in their environment, founded and launched in Cary, North Carolina, USA, a site to promote, promote and disseminate their activities in Cary, North Carolina, USA multicultural, educational, social and commercial.

Soon that lighthouse on the diffuse cliff of that foreign land began to emit its dim and continuous light and, since then, it became a reference point for Mexican and Latin American emigrants to pursue something more secure towards the objectives sought. Yes, that fortunate initiative began to generate impactful results during that first year: 2018, especially in terms of artistic, literary and informational events. From that moment on, the pages of Revista Latina have included business promotion, the dissemination of writers, musical groups, artists, as well as institutions and associations, educational programs, topics for reflection and gastronomy, along with interviews, literary reviews and even healthy recommendations.

Each publication in this medium brings and generates added value, such as a light in the foreign sea of oblivion, to the Mexican and Latin American community anchored in distance, either through advertisements, classifieds, information about online stores, guidance for human development, news, documents, support, prevention programs, mental and physical health care, vaccines, health insurance, finance, tourism, commerce, audiovisual content, success stories and inspiration from Latino leaders abroad, articles of interest to all... in short.

Here are some, among a plethora of fingerprints marked during their journey by this Mexican couple in its Latin Magazine, which was taken into account by the Government of Mexico, through the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) and the Consulate of Mexico in Raleigh (NC) to award them the 2022 Ohtli Prize:

In 2019:

1. First Children's Day Cultural Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh and the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

2. Project “This is Mexico”, audiovisual material created to show what Mexico is from North Carolina.

3. Day of the Dead Celebration: “Day of the Dead Route”, with the North Carolina community and the creation of multiple offerings representing different states of Mexico.

4. Participation of cultural groups, folk dances, music, art, gastronomy, workshops for children and Mexican crafts.

5. Launch of the online store to promote the creations of Mexican and Latin American artists based in North Carolina and promote small Latino businesses.

In 2020:

1. In a pandemic, participation in campaigns against COVID-19.

2. Promotional support for local businesses, organizations, government agencies, education, artists and virtual cultural celebrations.

3. RL Children's Day Cultural Festival 2020 - Virtual.

4. 3D Digital Galleries Project Mexican Artists based in North Carolina.

5. Virtual Independence Celebration of Mexico from North Carolina, with the development of more than thirty videos in different locations throughout North Carolina, to connect the Mexican community and show the enrichment of their culture abroad.

6. Day of the Dead 2020, Raleigh NC.

7. Revista Latina's virtual projects to extend beyond North Carolina, implementing mobile applications and Alexa.

In 2021

1. Revista Latina Editorial publishes books that tell the stories of Mexican and Latin American characters inside and outside the country of origin.

2. Launch of “Latina Stream Magazine”, a platform for broadcasting audio on the Internet with informational and entertainment content.

3. With the increase in COVID-19 infections, Revista Latina creates Revista Latina Stream.

4. COVID-19 campaign: “It's now, get vaccinated, protect your family” to inform the different vaccination programs within the community and the importance of being vaccinated with the participation of community leaders.

5. Cultural dissemination of local artists and artists from other regions.

6. Cultural celebration of the Day of the Dead 2021, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh and Dix Park Conservancy, Dorothea Dix Park.

In 2022:

1. Digital content for various organizations and educational institutions helping to promote their services.

2. RL 2022 Children's Day Cultural Festival, in person and online.

3. Participation in campaigns against COVID: “A Healthy Summer” by NCDHHS.

4. Cultural dissemination of local artists and artists from other regions,

Here, with a separate point, we must mention the Dominican and visual craftsman Miguel Brown and his motto: “Wanting is power”. He interpreted the artistic essence that drives the fibers of this medium and masterfully captured it in the new logo that, starting in 2022, identifies and projects this magazine.

In the new iconic logo, the complexity involved in capturing in order to show with simplicity the notions of unity, balance and harmony is evident. Ingenious simplicity that in turn makes it possible to conceptualize the 'seeing, doing and letting do', principles and philosophy of its managers. In the same way, the lines of the new emblem show the effort, skill, ingenuity, organizational capacity, differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge promoted by each and every one of the team members of this family of Latin Americans, spread beyond their beloved borders. nationals.

For all of the above, and many other things, this award, the 2022 Ohtli Prize, received by Edgar Bernal and Citlalitl Ceballos, is immense and deserved. Two entrepreneurs committed to the culture, arts and business of Mexicans and Latin Americans based in that part of the world.

Giant applause for Revista Latina for setting anchor and becoming more than a lighthouse that guides with its perennial flicker through the gloom in the sea of Ithaca. Flicker visible from anywhere with just a click. A flash that guides the obtaining of equipment and allies for the daily war of subsistence, settling down, growing and even sending remittances home, as do these victorious warriors after those epic days of daily battles in a strange land, more difficult when the appropriate safe conduct is lacking. The one in Revista Latina is also a glow that illuminates the path of the uncertain path of those who until now embark on or will embark on a journey into the distance, waiting for uncertainty, adventure and a handful of dream successes that hopefully soon those new quixotes of today's world will be able to see crystallized.

Congratulations, more challenges and prizes are coming!

Wilson Rogelio Enciso

Columnist Revista Latina

*Nahuatl is the language of the Mexica, also known as Aztecs or Nahuas. 'Nahuatl' means 'soft or sweet tongue'


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