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Sunday 13th of June 2021
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HomeAutorAndrea OlatunjiWhat is your superpower? Writing “Guillo, el armadillo”.

What is your superpower? Writing “Guillo, el armadillo”.

What is in you is yours and nobody can take it. We all have a unique gift that makes us special. It also guides us on pursuing our purpose and passion in life. When we put this gift to the service of others, we are not only enhancing our stay in this planet, but we are also contributing to its divine purpose. Finding our talent validates who we are and gives us focus for our daily actions.
Children are incredibly intuitive beings, and many times, they know right off the bat what they are bringing to this world. Yet, outside noises, school standards, and expectations cloud this knowledge, and they forget.
As parents and educators, we need to help all kids remember how amazing they are and how WE NEED their talents to make this world a better place.
When I wrote “Guillo, el armadillo” I was thinking about all of this. Guillo, gets frustrated at school because he cannot accomplish any of the proposed challenges. At the end, he discovers that he can roll into a ball, something that most animals can’t do. The story came up based on a project I usually do with my students. The project is called “Mi talento” (My talent) and it consists of them teaching the rest of us something they know how to do well. For some, this is a fun experience where they get to show off what they know. Yet, for others, it is a pretty intimidating one.
Helping these kids discover their talents has always been very rewarding for me. It just makes my heart grow to see them get validated by the activity and learn that they not only have a unique talent, but also that the rest of us are entertained, inspired, and enriched by learning about it.
The younger we learn about our talents the better. However, it is never too late. What is your superpower?


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Ganadora de varios premios dentro de la literatura infantil, Andrea Olatunji tiene como misión principal validar a los niños e inculcar en ellos una apreciación por la diversidad. Oriunda de Uruguay, Andrea ha desarrollado una gran pasión por los idiomas y sus culturas. Ha enseñado el inglés como segunda lengua y el español, aquí en los Estados Unidos y en su país natal, Uruguay. Esto le ha otorgado una experiencia muy valiosa en el campo de la diversidad y el multiculturalismo. Su serie, Nuestra Fauna, la cual destaca animales autóctonos de las américas, es un recurso muy valioso para aprender el español de una forma contextualizada y divertida. En ésta se discuten temas como la diversidad, el medio ambiente, y la autoestima.

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