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Monday 19th of April 2021
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“Learning process”

Welcome to circle of light for parents

“Learning process”

Eating well and sleepig well are very importants things for learning process but there are something more important.
Listen to the audio and you will discover what it is about.

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Weekly column with Tamara Zurita Riquelme, born in Chile in 1980.

Married, mother of 3 children whose ages are 9, 5 and 2 and a half.

She moved to North Carolina 6 years ago, for her husband’s job. She is a preschool educator by profession and has a degree in education from the prestigious University of Concepcion, Chile. Diploma in management and leadership, Certified respectful parenting promoter, Author of the book tune-in of heartbeats (first edition), Author of the book heartbeats melody (soon to launch), volunteer work in homes for minors from 14 years old. Facilitator in parenting accompaniment groups for preschool-age parents, face-to-face and online.

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Tamara Zurita Riquelme, nacida en Chile el año 1980. Casada, madre de 3 hijos cuyas edades son 9, 5 y 2 y medio. Hace 6 años se muda a Carolina del Norte, por trabajo del marido. De profesión Educadora de parvulos ( preescolar) y licenciada en educación de la prestigiosa Universidad de Concepcion, Chile. Diplomada en gestión y liderazgo; Promotora de crianza respetuosa certificada, Autora del libro Sintonía de latidos ( primera edición) Autora del libro heartbeats melody( pronto a su lanzamiento) Trabajos voluntarios en hogares de menores desde los 14 años. Facilitadora en grupos de acompañamientos de crianza para padres y madres en edad preescolar, presenciales y online.

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