lunes, agosto 2, 2021

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Revista Latina NC “EL lugar donde descubrimos muchas culturas, pero el orgullo de pertenecer a cada una nos une”. Revista Latina NC tiene el propósito de promover los Negocios, Grupos Musicales, Artistas Latinos así como los Servicios y Eventos a través de las Sociedades, Instituciones, Academias, Asociaciones y Grupos que involucran a nuestra comunidad Latina. Consideramos parte importante de nuestra comunidad la difusión de estas actividades con el fin de recordar nuestras tradiciones como países latinos y compartir con el mundo lo enriquecedor de cada una de nuestras culturas. Una de las principales caracteristícas que distingue a Revista Latina es que todos sus espacios están diseñados para que sus seguidores puedan ser parte de ella, tenemos espacios para todos aquellos que gustan de realizar artes, que escriben o componen, los que realizan eventos sin fines de lucro, para todos aquellos que tengan un buen propósito hay un lugar.

Cornelio Campos is a shelf taught Mexican American Artist base in Durham. Mr. Campos immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico as a teeneger a journey and process that now influence many of his paintings, vibrant colors, 1 conic American Symbols, and intricate geometric patterns define Mr. Campos works through his painting, he illustrates some of the harsh realities of immigrating to America that immigrants often overlook. Moreover, he highlights deep seated political issues that contribute to Mexican immigration, including the implementation of North American free trade Agreement.

The art collection is very special to me given that I express and develop symbols of my Purepecha culture; through which I display some Pre-Columbian symbols and symbols currently used to decorate a garment or kitchen utensil. Sometimes I combine both in my own style. My purpose with art is to explore and share the roots of my Purepecha culture.

“I describe my painting as nostalgic, and they often represent my hometown of Cheran, my people and the customs of my town. I make these elements universal so that others can relate to them.”

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¿Children raising with love and respect are dependent children?

Last week we are talking about the first myth about respectful parenting and today i would like to invite you to reflect about the second myth. Children raising with love and respect are dependent children.
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