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Winter classes – Peter Marin

Tienes que leerlo
Revista Latina NC “EL lugar donde descubrimos muchas culturas, pero el orgullo de pertenecer a cada una nos une”. Revista Latina NC tiene el propósito de promover los Negocios, Grupos Musicales, Artistas Latinos así como los Servicios y Eventos a través de las Sociedades, Instituciones, Academias, Asociaciones y Grupos que involucran a nuestra comunidad Latina. Consideramos parte importante de nuestra comunidad la difusión de estas actividades con el fin de recordar nuestras tradiciones como países latinos y compartir con el mundo lo enriquecedor de cada una de nuestras culturas. Una de las principales caracteristícas que distingue a Revista Latina es que todos sus espacios están diseñados para que sus seguidores puedan ser parte de ella, tenemos espacios para todos aquellos que gustan de realizar artes, que escriben o componen, los que realizan eventos sin fines de lucro, para todos aquellos que tengan un buen propósito hay un lugar.

I invite you to join me as we challenge, learn, observe and practice art.

Six week courses begin the first week in December.

Sign up!
Please respond to me directly, petermarinworks@gmail.com with the following information:
Name the email “WInter classes 2020”.
List and rank your preferred courses including the preferred day/time, ie.
(1 ) Color Theory, Mon 10-1, 1-4,
(2) Art of the Portrait Thrus. 6-7:30,
(3) Wine Class, Fri 10-1
Classes will be held on Mondays, Thursdays, and Friday.
The available times are going to be: on Monday and Thursday 10-1, 1-4, 5-8 and Friday 10-1,1-4

You may sign up for more than one course.
Any skill level is welcomed.

All studio courses are $180, 6 classes, meets once a week, 3 hour class.
All studio courses are painting courses and are structured around creative and critical thinking critiques and slide lectures. There are weekly assignments.

I am offering six (6) courses that are non-studio classes and are open to anyone who is interested in the course subject. Any skill level welcomed. These make a great gift!

I am happy to accept checks and payment through Pay Pal.

Don’t have time for a full course, but would like to get private classes? I am available for consultation. My hourly rate is $40. 1 hour minimum. Sessions can be held either in your studio or in mine.

We Are a Community of Artists
One of the troubling results of the pandemic is that many artists lack the funds to engage in art classes. As the holidays approach, consider if you’d like to gift a class to someone you know. Or alternatively, when you enroll in your next class, you can add on a donation (any amount) to a scholarship fund that I will use to offer class seats at reduced or no cost to others in the art community who are experiencing difficult times.

Contact me directly with any questions you might have. Revista Latina NC, espacio digital dedicado a promover actividades culturales, sociales y de negocios de nuestra comunidad latina, a través de sus distintas asociaciones, instituciones y agrupaciones socio-culturales en North Carolina.

Te invitamos a conocerla y a formar parte de ella. Contáctanos

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