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OPEN: World Relief Immigration Center – Virtual

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Kjerstin J. Lewis
Kjerstin J. Lewis
World Relief Durham its Immigration Legal Services (ILS) Center to provide low-cost immigration consultations to immigrants and refugees in the Durham community. Since opening its doors on June 17, 2019, World Relief Durham’s ILS center has served 150 immigrants and their family members in the Triangle, representing them in family reunification cases, green card applications, DACA renewals and more.

Dear Community Partner:

I hope that you, your family, and the members of your community are staying safe and healthy in this uncertain time. We recognize that our communities are now experiencing fiscal, physical, mental, and emotional challenges during this time. World Relief as a national organization is tentatively closing our physical offices through May 1st. However, our staff, interns, and volunteers are doing everything we can do to serve our clients remotely.

Today I’m writing to you to share that the Immigration Center is still attending to our clients and their immigration cases virtually through phone, video, and WhatsApp for consultations and application preparation. To get applications signed and documents collected (if not possible electronically) we are using the postal service to send the documents to one another. These measures will remain in place for the time being, until we can safely return to work at the office.

We have prepared videos in both English and Spanish with more details about the status of our program and resources that we will be sharing. We have shared both of these on our Facebook Group page. If you haven’t seen our page, I recommend you check it out (and please follow/share). Our goal is to be active in educating the community about immigration topics, and this has been a platform we have been developing since the beginning of the year. It’s important now, too, to utilize this resource since we can’t physically be out in the community right now.

Thank you for continuing to serve your communities. If you have any questions or concerns about how we’re proceeding, please feel free to reach out to me by email or to give me a call.


Kjerstin Lewis
Program Manager
Immigration Legal Services
801 Gilbert St. #102
Durham, NC 27701
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