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NC Hispanic College Fund is now accepting applications Applications are due January 15, 2020

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Revista Latina NC “EL lugar donde descubrimos muchas culturas, pero el orgullo de pertenecer a cada una nos une”. Revista Latina NC tiene el propósito de promover los Negocios, Grupos Musicales, Artistas Latinos así como los Servicios y Eventos a través de las Sociedades, Instituciones, Academias, Asociaciones y Grupos que involucran a nuestra comunidad Latina. Consideramos parte importante de nuestra comunidad la difusión de estas actividades con el fin de recordar nuestras tradiciones como países latinos y compartir con el mundo lo enriquecedor de cada una de nuestras culturas. Una de las principales caracteristícas que distingue a Revista Latina es que todos sus espacios están diseñados para que sus seguidores puedan ser parte de ella, tenemos espacios para todos aquellos que gustan de realizar artes, que escriben o componen, los que realizan eventos sin fines de lucro, para todos aquellos que tengan un buen propósito hay un lugar.

September 2019, Cary, NC – The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund (NCHCF) is announcing an open call to all Hispanic students to submit an application for the 2020-2021 School Year scholarship awards cycle. The NCHCF, established by the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals (NCSHP) at Triangle Community Foundation, will be accepting applications now through January 15, 2020. Applications post marked after the deadline will not be accepted. The application can be found on the NCSHP website at

The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund awards annual scholarships worth between $500 and $2,500. Scholarship recipients are seniors and recent graduates of North Carolina high schools who are of Hispanic/Latino background. Recipients of a NCHCF scholarship must enroll in a degree program at a community college or a 2 or 4 year college/university and demonstrate commitment to public service and community development.

The NC Hispanic College Fund was established by NCSHP in 2004 at Triangle Community Foundation. Since its creation, NCSHP has awarded nearly $515,000 to 370 Hispanic students in North Carolina. The number one barrier all students face when seeking higher education is finances, and NCSHP is happy to help the Hispanic students of North Carolina overcome this barrier and realize their dreams of higher education. NCSHP thanks the 2019-2020 scholarship fund donors; Duke Energy Foundation, Goodnight Educational Foundation, SAS Institute, La Oficina, Luis A. Olivieri & Evelyn Robert, Latin American Tax, Red Global de Mexicanos – Raleigh Chapter, students and participants of the 2019 Hispanic Educational Summit, contributors to North Carolina State University’s Juntos Program, and NCSHP individual donors that support our Hispanic students through their generous contributions to the fund.

Selection Criteria

  • Graduate of a NC high school within the past 2 years
  • A four-year cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale
  • 2 letters of recommendation from a high school teacher, principal, pastor, employer, or other community leader
  • An official high school transcript
  • Personal statement (500 words)

Hispanic students that plan to enroll at a North Carolina community college or a university to pursue an education in any field of engineering are encouraged to apply to the Duke Energy engineering scholarship available within the fund. To apply, submit an official NC Hispanic College Fund application and be sure to mark the “Duke Energy Scholarship” box. 

Applications must be received by January 15, 2020. For more information or to download an application form for the North Carolina Hispanic College Fund, please visit our website at We encourage all eligible Hispanic students to apply!

The North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote education among Hispanic youth. Acknowledging the under representation of Hispanic youth in higher education, and seeing the need for role models, it is the intent of the NCSHP to develop and secure educational opportunities and financial support to improve Hispanic youth’s success and school performance. Our Society is committed to doing the best it can to nurture our youth and provide resources to Hispanic students and their families, so that they can succeed in education.

For more information contact:

Caroline Oliveira, Director ▪ Tel: (919) 467.8424 ▪ E-mail:


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